Atkinson Locking Filler Cap






Lock the inlet point filler with the Atkinson Locking Filler Cap (on special offer with 25% discount). 2″ BSP Female tank fitting boss terminating with 2″ BSP Male outlet thread, Aluminium Cap, Anodised Aluminum Fitting Boss, with rubber sealing disc inside cap

Locks by means of screwing the cap down, then inserting the padlock through the closest pair of slots, padlock supplied is a 7mm shank YALE combination lock. Therefore there are no keys to lose, and your fuel supplier can be supplied with the PIN code to enter on their delivery manifest, this way you can take deliveries even when you are out (and no keys to lose).

Fitting boss fixes PERMANENTLY by means of a brass shear-screw, the screw is tightened with a socket wrench onto the existing 2″ BSP male filler point, then the brass screw shears off flush with the surface of the adaptor.


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